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Westinghouse Solar Lights for Solar Outdoor Lighting

Westinghouse Solar Lights – a Famous Brand worth illuminating your fantastic Garden?

It is a fact that many people are especially looking for Westinghouse Solar Lights (just check with google). Why? And should you, too?

What do you have in mind? Are you looking for a way to illuminate your garden at night? Or make your driveway more secure? Protect your lawn from your offspring accidentally driving over coming back from a party? Or just want to enjoy your pool and deck in a warm summer night?

If some or all of these reasons apply, you really should check out Solar Lighting made by Westinghouse (click for some Company History Info).

Solar Westinghouse Lighting Products

There is a wide variety of products in the solar Lighting area which are offered by Westinghouse. Let us here look at the products first, if you want to know more about my recommendation, read on here

Which kinds of Solar Lights are available from Westinghouse? They offer

Are the Westinghouse Solar Lights a “Strong Buy”?

If you read about the history below, you know that we can assume that Westinghouse does not “own” the production process of its Solar Lamps, but buys bulk (non labeled) products and puts its label on these.

And since the distribution is not done by Westinghouse either, let’s see what experiences people make with these solar lamps.

lights are a great buy

Scanning through the comments on Amazon, I get the impression that Westinghouse’s Lighting products mostly are high quality.

Again it is very helpful to choose a distributor which allows customers to rate and comment on the products. And also who gives support and a guarantee.

very pleased with ease of assembly, appearance, and overall quality

Scanning through the comments on Amazon, I get the impression that Westinghouse Light products mostly are high quality.

Though the typical problems with the batteries also affects Westinghouse Lights…this makes sense, since I assume that the batteries are the same (product) as in ie. Malibu Solar Lighting products.

Also make sure that the comments you read are actual, since the products for sure will have seen changes compared to – say – the same product name from 2006.

I contacted the company directly and didn’t get much relief

My impression is: It depends.

Depending on the product from Westinghouse you buy, you will either be thrilled or disappointed.

So I cannot give you a final verdict on this one. All I can do is ask you to check out the product reviews before buying.

A short Westinghouse history

Westinghouse is one of the famous US companies and was a real powerhouse some decades ago.

Engineering geniuses like Nikola Tesla worked for them (or better him, “the” George Westinghouse 1846-1914). And the biggest competitor was Thomas Alfa Edison’s General Electric (GE). Later on, Westinghouse sold most of its operations, bought CBS and was bought by Viacom, which renamed itself into “CBS”.

And though there are still a lot of “Westinghouse” products, most of them are just the brandname, having survived being sold to other companies.

But there still is a “Westinghouse Electric Corporation” which was founded in 1995 as a (now) CBS spin-off.

Wikipedia describes its purpose as:

“sole role is to own the intellectual property assets of the Westinghouse brand and to license it to other manufacturers and distributors”

So today, when you buy a Westinghouse product, it is not THE Westinghouse our parents grew up with. The Westinghouse Solar Lights are distributed by a Company called “International Development Corporation IDC“, which simply distributes the Westinghouse Solar Lights products and offers the support.

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