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I also believe it is absolutely vital for your future that you are investigating Solar Power and do ask yourself how to make it work in your life!

So how to Go Green and even save money in the process?

Quicker than we may think today, we will desperately need Alternative Energies for keeping our society running, and I believe especially Solar Power is one of them.

So would you like to be free of monthly Utility Bills?

  • Would you like to be free of monthly Utility Bills for Electricity and Heating? Find out how it’s possible, with free Solar Power for Homes.
  • Have a soft side for DIY? Want to save money for the Solar Power System with these instructions to Build Solar Panel(s) and install them on your own?
  • Do you have a Swimming Pool and now want zero monthly energy costs for having fun enjoying Pool? No problem, read about the Pool Solar Heater.
  • Don’t want Solar Panels on your roof? No problem, instead get yourself Solar Shingles. You can even buy flexible Solar Roof Mats, just put them out on your roof like a carpet.

It is more urgent than you think:

Read my Report on Global Cooling

  • Want to be prepared for a major power outage? Then check out the Solar Power Generators for info about full blown emergency protection solar generators or the smaller solar power battery charger for charging your gadgets on the go…all you need is the sun.

Thoughts about Solar Power for Homes

I predict that the energy costs will explode soon and will be way higher than today. And the sooner you get off the public energy grid and greed the more you will save.

Perhaps it will even save your home, once the Age of Fossil Energy Turmoil begins. This can happen tomorrow, or in five years. I don’t know…

So you think that switching to Solar is too expensive?

It isn’t. Let me show you the way.

So why should you think about Solar Power for Homes?

It is not hard to see that the way we produce and use energy in the near future will be very different from the way we use and produce it today.

The Age of Oil ends and Age of Alternative Solar Energy begins

The Age of Oil is coming to an end.

Military Strategists claim that “Peak Oil” (from now on every day less and less oil is “produced”) already occurred somewhere between 2005 and 2010.

And the Climate Change is omnipresent in the media. I will speak on this website about that, too.

Nuclear Fuels are no Alternative Energy and not renewable

Nuclear Energy is harder and harder to “sell” to the population, and protesters and scandals about its waste make the production more and more expensive.

And Nuclear fuel is far from infinite….we will run out of Uranium in the next one or two generations, too. So Nuclear Power is NO alternative. And if we relied on it, the costs would explode, too.

All in all the costs for your daily energy consumption is rising and I do not see any limit. If this trend continues, it is prognosed that soon we will only heat the main room and more and more use the bike.

How to cut your and Energy Bill Now!

And there are those who say that consumption of energy is kind of sin, that we cause a climate catastrophe by that and so man should de-industrialize.

Solar and Energy Power for Homes is the Future
Solar Energy for Homes

Well, I am sure Alternative, Renewable Energy is the Solution.

But all of this is good in the end: The more expensive conventional energy gets, the more people start to use the sun, the cheaper Alternative Energy becomes in the future.

This website is about a personal voyage into Alternative Energy (of which Solar is a big part) and how everyone can use these Renewable Energy methods for him-/herself…

and by that change the planet for the better

to paraphrase Adam Smith: When everybody acts in self-interest the invisible hand of the market will bring the higher good for all…

I don’t believe that Eco-Laws and dire energy-conservation are the answer, but Inventions, Innovations and customers like you are!

Free Alternative Energy

And I am sure that a day some generations in the future, we will be allowed to tap into something even greater than solar energy and power – zero-point energy. Free Energy.

But this is another story.

This website – my heart project – is about what you can do in self-interest to drastically lower your energy costs and dependence and do something for our environment.

Solar Power for Homes Update

Update 4th November 2012: Even in Germany, the seeming heartland of Solar Power, many photovoltaic companies are biting the dust. Complaints about subsidarized modules from China are being heard by the European Commission daily. The former Eastern Germany’s new hope – solar energy companies – are going broke by the day. So has the time of unending growth ended? Has Solar Energy just been a hype?

Well, not according to a new, very intersting research paper by McKinsey. Called “Darkest before Dawn”, they claim that the growth will continue, only that cost management has become more important than innovation (my words). So to the contrary, it more seem that Solar Energy has become an industry very much like Car making or TV set production.

In the former, Germans are about the best car makers in the world, for the latter the Germans do not stand a chance (no production of TVs in Germany, anymore).

The same applies for the US in my opinion. Especially the US market is huge, and the US will have to do a lot to make it less dependent on oil production. But also American Solar Companies will have to mature and learn from established industries.

Here is the link to the McKinsey Solar Energy for Homes Future Research paper.

To your Best

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